Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bone to Flesh

See....you’re just my surface friend.
not my deep down bone to flesh type friend.
the kind where we go through whatever and still mess type friend.
i mean, you know only see what i let you see.
but my bone to flesh type friend, sees the real me.
the deep down, behind the wall for real me.

See, i don’t let you know too many things.
because as soon as i tell you,
peter, paul, jack, mary, eric, an nem know too.
i can’t trust you no further than i can see.
cause i know that your intentions are not for the best of me.

i question us sometimes...wonder if you can be bone to flesh too,
but you keep on doing that same ol’ bullshit,
which just reaffirms that i can’t trust...
we start to build something real and for a minute you’re in my veins,
making me high,
invading my mind,
doing things that just aren’t the same.

But, just like the sun, your true colors come shining through.
and as i coming crashing back to reality,
i eject you from my veins,
to save myself from the pain,
the lies and the backstabbing,
the crabs in the bucket, grabbing....
pulling me down.
being untrue.

so, you go live in your fairytale world,
with your princess boy or girl.
happily ever after.
Me? I don’t want no part of your surface friendship.
it ain’t no good for me.
makes me sick and leaves me weak,
taking all of my energy.

my bone to flesh don’t do that.
they build me up and give me strength,
keep all of our secrets within.
no falsehoods...only truth.
in a world of reality,
connected by our sheer individuality.

bone to flesh....

.....flesh to bone

as one....

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